Kindermusik with Kathy: Music That Creates Magic!
We believe in every child's unique potential. K w K combines the power and joy of music, movement and instruments to create transformative learning experiences for you and your child. Join us as we unleash the potential and sense of wonder found in every child...

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We Celebrate Childhood!


For me, my life has always been about the Child - Creative and Expressive! We’ve created a music program where families and the community can gather together to Celebrate Childhood… while learning the FUN-damentals of Music, Instrument Play, Dance and Movement. Lets prolong this youthful stage for a little bit longer... Let’s nurture the most important part of your child’s life. All of who we are goes back to our early childhood years. Let's cherish it with Music and Love. Join me on this journey of adventure with your child. We are here to support, guide, and inspire you and your child in the magical world of music!

We welcome you. Your first class is FREE to visit!

~ Kathy Hayden, Maestro Educator of Kindermusik

Kindermusik with Kathy & Friends classes are a special 'YES' place where the child is excited about Music! They feel honored and families can connect. Children express, create and thrive in the arts of Music, Movement & Dance, Singing, Storytelling, Learning Instruments and Dramatic Play. Uniquely designed music classes that focus on your child’s Music Skills and Creative Spirit! Parents can unwind, relax, laugh, bond and honor these precious moments with their child.  Our inviting studios resonate with comfort, ease, musical spaces and lots of instruments to explore where its all about the whole child (and their family with them).

We bring cultures together
We provide engaging multi-cultural musical experiences that help your child grow cognitively, emotionally, physically and socially. There are many class levels for each age, mixed ages and families, small group piano, ukulele and other instrument classes, multi-generational classes with seniors, and proclaimed international classes in Indian schools and orphanage... Unique music classrooms filled with laughter, fun, multi-cultural music, dance, a variety of instruments and stories from around the world!


"...Kathy and her incredible staff really empowered my son to feel like a leader because of their approach to empowering each child.  It was the most beautiful educational experiences I have ever witnessed!... “  Sue Hartman